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Frequently asked questions

An assessor is a person who carries out assessments on students as part of thebrequirements of a qualification or programme. They could also be called an examiner, a tutor or a teacher. An assessor has to assess the competency of a student and give feedback to confirm they have their shown their skills, knowledge and ability.

Assessment is a way of finding out if learning and development has taken place. It enables you to find out if your student has gained the required skills, knowledge and understanding to demonstrate their competency.

Unfortunately, if you cannot show that you can support 2 assessors then you can only complete unit 1 to show knowledge and understanding. Your situation may change at a later date and you may have access to the assessors, so therefore you can complete unit 2.

No, if you would like to record your answers orally then we can accept this as evidence.

It is a process which aims to ensure fairness and consistency of practice between assessor,trainers or teachers and brings them all together to make sure that all assessors interpret the qualification and the assessment requirements accurately. It is not to be confused with a normal team/staff meeting. This meeting needs to be specific so that all assessors receive the same support and guidance to enable them to make a correct assessment decision.