How do we support centres?

Support Centres

How do we support centres to gain approval and accreditation with awarding bodies/organisations?

IQAEducation have the skills and knowledge and over 60 years of experience collectively to be able to offer advice and support to centres applying for approval/accreditation with Awarding Bodies and/or Certification Organisations within their specific sector.

Our experience in a variety of sectors enable us, as the team within IQAEducation, to guide centres through the application process, which could involve providing detailed information about their programs, facilities, and other resources.

This consultation can include an overview of the accreditation process, requirements, and the benefits of becoming an accredited centre.

Some accreditation/certification bodies assign mentors or advisors to work closely with centres during the accreditation process. IQAEducation provides this guidance, answers questions, and offers support and advice as centres work to achieve the necessary standards.

We will explain how accrediting/certification bodies may conduct on-site visits to assess the centre’s compliance with accreditation requirements. 

We offer ongoing support to centres, even after accreditation is achieved. This can include periodic reviews, updates on changing standards, and assistance with maintaining accreditation status.

We have access to a variety of resources, best practice guides, and reference materials that can assist the centre in aligning with accreditation/certification requirements.

These types of bodies/organisations, typically have processes in place for addressing appeals and resolving disputes, ensuring a fair and transparent accreditation process. We can provide the necessary tools and expertise to guide centres through these types of processes.

It is important to note that the specific support and requirements that IQAEducation can provide for gaining approval and/or accreditation can vary significantly depending on the awarding body or organisation, the type of centre, and the industry. 

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